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You could say I decided to transform my apartment because I needed a new conversation piece, or an excuse to invite people over for another dinner party, or just a reason to write a new blog post. Though in all honestly, the decision was quite spontaneous and unexpected even to myself.

One seemingly normal day in March I found myself at a friend's Brooklyn apartment which had been painted and curated with art in a way that struck me with such an impression that I became impulsive and hired the artist (who was the owner of the apartment and had created all of the art in the space) on the spot, having realized for the first time the power of a dramatic wall, and a efficacious canvas. This apartment told a story, and extended the character and presence of it's owner in a way in which I was envious, and knew I needed to make my apartment truly my own.

I showed the artist my space, and let him take care of the rest, providing only an idea of the final effect that I wanted the room to have, and some insights into my personality that I wanted to be portrayed by the final work. The next week he was painting geometric shapes in blue and pink across two of my walls, as I quivered in anticipation wondering what I had gotten myself into. A large canvas with the face of a woman (an enlargement of the face of a statue I already owned) was hung on the wall above my bed.

The piece was large and powerful, yet through the different patterns and colors, it actually gave much more depth to the small space, and it rounded out the edges of the straight corners, giving new a shape to the room.

The art breathed new life into my apartment. I finally had found a way to transform the space into one that was uniquely my own. Now when I have guests over I don't just welcome them into my apartment, but I invite them into a space that personifies my personality, and most importantly proves the power of what can be done in a tiny space....

...and so I of course celebrated my new art with a dinner party

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