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A Tiny Tablescape for a Tiny Home

When one thinks of tablescapes, they usually think of over the top displays of plates and silverware and endless amounts of forks and glasses to an extent where you need a manual to understand the use and purpose of each one.

However, designing a beautiful tablescape that will wow your guests doesn't need to be costly, complicated, or require the addition of items you only use once a year and have no room to store in a tiny apartment.

Additionally, bulky table arrangements with elaborate floral displays, wide candles, and decorative pieces make a small space feel too crowded, and prevent people from being able to properly see one another and converse.

To replace bulky candle arrangements, I like to lay out small string lights across the table, which illuminate the space, but also lay flat against the table. This way the lighting taking up limited space, but still makes the table sparkle.

Using place cards that can be set upon each set plate is a fun way to bring color and additional decor to your table. They also are functional and can help make it easier for guests to find their seats.

Wrapping your silverware in decorative napkins is also a small detail that will go a long way. People will be impressed that you took the time to neatly prepare and present your silverware, and it also helps keep your table neater, and saves space on the table as you can place the silverware package directly onto the plates (and even underneath the place cards).

Personally I love having fresh flowers on the table, but having a formal bouquet or centerpiece takes up far too much space. Therefore, I like to trim cut flowers short, and place them in small narrow glasses, so that they can fit all around the table.

The tablescape is the first thing your guest will notice at your party, so have fun creating one that will be memorable, but do not stress about going overboard to putting together something overly elaborate, as the smallest pieces can make the largest statements.

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