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Dinner Party for One

Few things feel more luxurious than dining alone. Yet, I say that with an emphasis on the word "dining" rather than eating. Eating is the act of consuming food, whereas dining is an art, an experience, an opportunity to live momentarily like a hedonist, and should be treated like a sacred ritual.

While usually there is nothing I love more than hosting a large gathering of guests in my home, there is something special about the solo dining experience. In this time of 'social distancing' where many people are spending this unpredictable time alone, I encourage anyone who may be living by themselves at this time to treat themselves to a "Dinner Party for One".

With extra time on my hands due to the city shutdown, I realized this was the perfect opportunity to slow down and prepare myself a feast just for me, which I could enjoy both creating, and indulging in on my own time frame, and just in the company of myself. '

I prepared an abundant meal, whipped ricotta toast to start, followed by Salmon and mashed potatoes in a blueberry sauce, asparagus and sweet potatoes, and finished it off with a homemade chocolate cake. It was a time consuming to prepare, but felt rewarding to put all of the effort to create this elaborate meal just for myself. Accompanied by a glass of wine, some candles, and soft music, dining alone allowed me to think about each bite I took, and really appreciate the ingredients and recipes, and the effort that went into preparing the meal. Usually when I host my dinner parties, I am always planning them with the guests in mind, putting their experience above myself, but my dinner party for one allowed for me to be focused on my own dining experience for once and just think about my own self, and the conversations I mean to have with myself that I never have time to do during my normally busy days, or in the company of others. One should not feel lonely when dining alone, for you will be in the company of yourself, the beautiful items you have lined your table with, and the relaxation that comes from not having to make conversation, or worry about anyone aide from yourself.

While I would never wish to give up hosting dinner parties and group gatherings, I strongly believe that everyone should treat themselves to a "Dinner Party for One". While we are in this strange situation where we must learn to pass our days without our typical human connections, take this time to treat yourself to your perfect meal, and of course if you need to show off your impressive meal to someone, you can always video chat.

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