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The Importance of a Good Couch

When I first moved into my apartment I completely underestimated the importance of a good couch. At the time it seemed both frivolous and irresponsible to spend significant money on an item that could be ruined instantaneously by one spilled drink. I shopped around every furniture store in New York City, before I decided on the Tufted Sofa at West Elm. Financially it was a bit of an investment, but it has definitely proven itself to have had an incredible rate of return.

When living in a small apartment, it is essential that every item of furniture serves a purpose and brings you happiness. As a large piece of furniture will not be frequently replaced, it is wise to carefully consider all of the functions/ aesthetics of the item before making your selection.

My original requirements when couch shopping were:

1. Comfort - it had to be comfortable for both sitting and sleeping

2. Ability to convert into a bed - I chose my current sofa because the back cushions can be completely removed, turning it into a twin bed)

3. Easy to clean/ hard to stain - I chose a deep blue color which hides stains wonderfully. Also as the entire couch is only 3 pieces there are no crevices for dirt to hide)

4. Visually pleasing - I wanted something that would look elegant and inviting for both myself and my guests

5. Price - While I was ready to make an investment, it still had to be reasonably priced

Some things I didn't originally consider but I now love:

1. Weight- The couch is very light weight and easy to move which allows for me to clean behind/ around it quite easily. Also, I can reposition it in my apartment at times when I want a change of scenery

2. Versatility- As the back cushions are basically two square blocks, I can also play around with their positions on the couch.

3. Material- The suede material remains nice and cool in the hot weather, making it the perfect place to take a nap on a summer day. Also, I can easily clean stains with a paper towel and water, and use a lint brush for daily maintenance.

4. Space- By not having arms I am able to fit more friends on the couch at once

5. Durability- The majority of my time spent at home is on my sofa and it hasn't aged a day since I bought it

6. Popularity with friends - I have had many friends sleepover on my couch, and not one of them has yet to complain about a bad nights sleep!

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