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The Hostess in the Studio Apartment: Dinner Party Strategist, is your resource for all things dinner parties.

For those who host, cook, serve, dine, converse, tell stories, make friends, try new things...this is the dinner party guide for you


Welcome to The Hostess in the Studio Apartment: Dinner Party Strategist 

The Hostess in the Studio Apartment - is a guide for anyone looking to host more memorable and meaningful experiences through the context of a dinner party.


More than just a blog, The Hostess in the Studio Apartment wants all people to feel comfortable and confident in their party plannings/ hosting skills. 

Whether inviting family, close friends, tourists visiting your city, or business partners into your home, trust The Hostess in The Studio Apartment to be your dinner party guide.

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Our Services

 The Hostess in the Studio Apartment is your go-to dinner party assistant.

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Our Blog

Access tips and  helpful hints related to all things dinner party!

Why Dinner Parties?

Dinner parties are how we connect to people, gain confidence entertaining, and create welcoming and memorable experiences. 

Our mission is to use dinner parties as a  means  for both hosts and guests to :

  • Combat Loneliness

  • Build confidence

  • Strengthen Networks

  • Create traditions

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