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How to Throw the Perfect Summer BBQ

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

With summer in full swing, there's no better way to enjoy the weather with a backyard BBQ. A simple BBQ is the perfect way to have friends over, and turn the cooking process into a shared activity with friends. It also lets you save time by cooking while guests are over, making it the perfect party solution when you are short on prep time.

Below are a few tips to help you create the perfect BBQ this summer:

1. Finalize head count and plan out shopping list

Before buying groceries, try to finalize your head count so that you can best plan out how much food to buy. There is nothing worse than not having enough food to go around and leaving guests hungry. When in doubt, buying frozen burgers or other items that can easily kept for the next time you grill, will let you feel better about accidentally over shopping for the event.

2. If you are grilling, be sure you have enough charcoal / propane

3. Prep as much as you can before guests arrive

4. If you are grilling, also prepare a number of dishes that do not have to be grilled, so that you are not stuck cooking the entire time you're guests are over

5. Enlist a partner to help you with the prep work/ cooking/grilling

6. Pre-make cocktails/ mocktails

7. Pick out a playlist

8. Consider the little things

9. Decorate with festive lighting and décor

10. Make sure to introduce friends who may not know each other

11. Don’t overthink anything, and have a good time!

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