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How to Bring the Outdoors Indoors

There are few things more beautiful than autumn in New York. The air becomes crisp, the leaves turn into marvelous hues of red, orange and yellow, and there is no better time to be outside.

However, the fall sometimes doesn't arrive on time, and summer, marked by unbearable humidity and unpredictable showers, somehow finds its way lingering into October.

This past weekend I had planned to host a garden party in celebration of autumn - my favorite season. I spent weeks planning out the guest list, the menu, and of course the decorations, only to to wake up to rain and unbearable humidity on the day of my party. Having no way of covering my outdoor space, I was left only with the options to either cancel the event, or reorganize and bring the party inside. People living in small apartments often times feel self-conscious about entertaining in a small space. They are nervous that their guests may feel cramped, or that they are asking people to essentially sit in their bedrooms. However with a little creativity, you can turn any space, into a unique and memorable place to entertain guests.

To emphasize the fall theme, I had a lot of fun decorating my apartment with fake foliage, plastic fruits, fresh cut flowers, tiny pumpkins, and of course lots of cozy lighting and scented candles. The more effort spent on the small decorating touches, the more your guests will feel transported into the heart of autumn, and the less they will notice that they are in a studio apartment.

P.S. Here is a picture of my outdoor Fall party from the year prior when the weather held up

(A picture of a successful outdoor fall party from a year earlier)

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