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Fall Cleaning

Each year as the long sticky days of summer turn into Fall, I find myself rummaging through my closet for the sweaters and jackets that have been long forgotten behind months of short dresses and bright floral prints. It is always at these moments when I become aware of just how many summer outfits I have accumulated since the days got warm. I pull out all of the clearance rack sundresses which fit so well when I bought them, but have now become stretched and ripped and stained with memories of a summer well lived. I also find all of the shirts and shorts and miscellaneous pieces bought last minute at Forever 21 to serve as costumes for some random theme party that required the purchase of items to complete a look which I would never be able to pull off again. At the end of each summer, my closet better represents a time capsule, stuffed to the brim of objects personifying memories. If you are like me, it is not so easy to toss out old clothes, as everything has some sort of significance tied to it. But holding on to things that no longer serve a purpose because they have a sentimental attachment, or because "you MIGHT wear them again" is just too impractical in a small apartment. This is why, as the seasons change and fall comes around it is important to tackle your closet and really analyze each piece and to try not to think of this task as a purge of clothing, but rather a practical activity to allow for you to purchase new finds (and to help feed your shopping habit!).

Additionally, as the weather gets colder it is important to think of all of our less fortunate neighbors who do not have the same abilities to replenish their wardrobes each season. That being said, I urge you to check out different options for donating used clothes around your city. Personally, I drop off a bag of clothing a few times a year at the Union Square green markets on Saturdays where they collect used textiles and fabrics, however there are wonderful places to drop off old clothing all over.

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