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Art & Conversation

As any former Art History Major such as myself knows, no living room is complete without a proper conversation piece. A good conversation piece allows for your personality to come alive in your apartment. In a small space, there aren't many opportunities for creativity when the focus of decoration is usually focused on functionality rather than creativity.

A lot of young people are reluctant to purchase art for their apartments as they see it as an unnecessary expense, however a good conversation piece has the power to transform your apartment into your home. Also, a good piece need not come with a hefty price tag. I came across my conversation piece - a plaster cast of a Greek style frieze - which is now most likely the most distinguishable feature of my apartment, hiding behind a plant at a thrift shop in the East Village where it was sitting forgotten in a corner without a price tag. Now whenever new guests come by, I find great delight in being able to share my story of how I came across my Grecian lady in the depths of the thrift shop and how the presence of this piece has come to leave a lasting memory of my apartment on all who visit. My statue has prompted some of the most interesting conversations in my apartment. Its presence alone raises questions and sparks curiosity, which brings up stimulating and engaging conversations across a wide range of subjects, and gives me a sense of pride in owning something which can elicit dialouge.

It is important to intertwine your unique personality into your space, and you should not feel afraid to express yourself through your art and decorations.

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