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Tips on beating the winter blues in a small space

With February in full effect, and temperatures unbearably low, most people go into hibernation mode and end up spending significantly more time at home than they do in warmer months.

When you live in a tiny apartment, it can sometimes feel suffocating to be inside a small space for extended periods of time, especially when it's too chilly to open a window and get fresh air.

Below are some tips to help you prevent getting cabin fever, and to turn your small apartment into an oasis for avoiding winter.

1. Keep your apartment clean - Clutter leads to claustrophobia, and by keeping your home neat and tidy, it will feel significantly more spacious.

2. Prepare a hearty meal - The smell of a cozy soup or stew fill your home with an inviting aroma, and will make you feel warm inside. Cooking also doubles as a fun activity to keep yourself busy when you're cooped up inside. Don't enjoy cooking alone? Invite over some guests and have an impromptu dinner party!

3. Fix the lighting - Play around with warm light bulbs, and an arrangement of different sources of lights (ie. lamps, string lights, candles...) to change the mood of the apartment, so that the personality and ambiance of the room has a bit more life to it.

4. Add plants - Decorating your apartment with some nice potted plants or flowers will not only provide a much needed touch of life and color into your home, certain plants (such as ivy, bamboo and daises) can even freshen up the air quality of the room.

5. Keep your home smelling fresh- Whether using a reed diffusers, essential oils diffusers, scented candles, transform your apartment into a calming and relaxing space using the scent that most appeals to you, and use a linen and fabric perfume on all of your fabrics and upholstery. This is also a great time to do a deep clean on your sinks and drains to make sure any funky odors that have been accumulating all year are wiped out. Since you wont want to keep your windows open, stale odors become a problem in the winter months, and so it's best to tackle them before they even begin.

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