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Sleeping on a Futon: The unexpected benefits of a platform bed

One of the most unique features in my apartment is that the couple who lived in it before I did installed a large wooden wall to wall platform across the north wall. This structure served as their sleeping area, rather than opting for the traditional bed frame. Resting on top of the wooden frame is a bamboo mat, which is designed to hold a futon mattress on top of it. At first sight, the large platform created an impression of wasted space - as every inch is valuable in a small apartment- however it proved to have been a most functional and strategic move.

The queen sized futon which I currently sleep on does not occupy the entire width of the platform, which leaves an "L" shaped frame across the side and top of the mattress. I really came to appreciate the leftover space during my first few months in my apartment before I had purchased my couch I was able to use it to serve a similar purpose. I bought a runner rug from Bed Bath & Beyond to place on top of the exposed wood for both comfort and style. This extended platform still serves as extra seating for when I host friends and run out of room on my couch. It even acts as a place to sleep as it is wide enough to comfortable fit a full sized adult lying down.

Just as I never would have anticipated ever forgoing a traditional bed, now that I have gotten used to my platform bed, I could never imagine replacing it. All small apartments come with their charms as well as their unfamiliar features, and coming to understand how to use these unique features to enhance your space and the personality of your home is always both exciting and rewarding.

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