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What is The Hostess in the Studio Apartment?

The Hostess in the Studio Apartment was launched to inspire people to create more meaningful and impactful relationships and experiences through the hosting of dinner parties.


It is a service for  both experienced and novice party hosts to transform their homes (or space of their choice) into meaningful and unforgettable experiences alongside old friends and new acquaintances.


The Hostess in the Studio Apartment wants all people to feel comfortable and confident in their party plannings/ hosting skills. We provide our hosts with party planning manuals and other DIY services to ensure that your party will be a success, and we also offer party planning consulting services which can help you achieve the party of your dreams.​

Whether inviting family, close friends, tourists visiting your city, or business partners into your home, trust The Hostess in the Studio Apartment: Dinner Party Strategist to be your party assistant.

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